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Breaking News: Proof-of-Concept Prototype released!!

From now on, the ODO project is open for contribution!! Please help!!

What is ODO?

Currently: Work in progress, pre-alpha, available only as proof-of-concept prototype.

What is the Vision behind ODO?

ODO wants to become the “swiss army knife” for the development of distributed communication apps. It will allow developing such apps for various platforms: mobile, desktop, server, maybe even IoT devices. A layered API will allow quick development of simple apps in a low-code-manner, or complex apps using all the features of modern software development environments.

Get rid of Backend Servers

One of the key ideas is to get rid of central servers, meaning the app is really just the app on the device it is running on, no backends, no serers. All data is encrypted and distributed over all devices having ODO installed (using IPFS). This means that an app with ODO can be run with minimal resources on the operator side, as you don’t need AWS, Firebase, Azure or whatever.

Make Privacy and Security easy

One of the main goals of the layered API is to make it easy to develop secure apps with good privacy by design. Of course it is not possible, to have an API which technically prevents all possible security vulnerabilities and privacy problems. But an API can focus on privacy and security, and make these things easy. And while categories of privacy problems arising from a single entity controlling a central server, these kinds of problems simply does not exist with ODO.

Have a closer look at the top level design document for more info about the technical ideas.

When can I have it?

Please be patient ;-) We have the following milestones until the 1.0 release (checked=reached):

I want to contribute!

If you would like to contribute, start with this document, and the go on with onboarding. Also have a look at your code of conduct.